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Why are we providing this Training

To improve the quality of Aflatoun training and its ways of delivery globally, we intend to work towards certifying our Master Trainers.

Based on the findings of a survey conducted with the master trainers, it has been identified that not all trainers are fully equipped to deliver all the different Aflatoun curricula. We present the concept of a master trainers' certification program to bridge this gap by equipping the master trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills through this training programme.

Programme Overview

Easy as one, two, three

Mandatory and Optional Modules

Modules 1 & 2

Social & Financial Education and Understanding Teaching & Learning 

This module will help the participants to enhance their skills and knowledge on social and financial literacy.

Module 3

Early Childhood Development

The module is aimed at developing awareness of the essentials of the ECD field.

Module 4

and Development

The module will help the participants understand and reinforce their knowledge of young people's physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Module 5

Project Work

This module covers the application of everything learned under the MTC.

Certification included.

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