Money ad Resources

Welcome to our unit of courses on "Money and Resources". In today's fast-paced world, it's crucial that our young people master money management skills, such as budgeting and responsible borrowing, and that they are equipped to make secure online transactions.

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This unit empowers you to make informed financial decisions, build a stable financial future, and navigate the complexities of modern finances.

Unit Themes

Smart Finances I

Don't spend more than you have!
We will learn how money and well-being intersect and why prioritizing needs over wants is key. This course also explores what smart spending is, and provides some practical tips for being a cool consumer.

Smart Finances II

Think long term!

We will discover the importance of smart saving and learn about budgeting and financial planning. Through this course you will understand when and how to borrow money responsibly to boost your long-term financial goals.

Digital Finance

This course introduces you to the world of Digital Finance. We will discover the advantages of digital banking, learn about services like online banking and how to keep your online accounts safe. For young adults, we also cover the topic of digital currencies.

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