Be Enterprising

Welcome to our unit of courses on "Be Enterprising". This unit is vital for youth, providing the tools to innovate, plan, and pursue their ambitions. It fosters creativity and problem-solving, and it teaches strategic planning and career development.
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This unit empowers young individuals to navigate today's competitive landscape with confidence and purpose.

Unit Themes

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Through this course we embark on an entrepreneurial adventure! We will learn to think creatively, spot opportunities, develop your idea into a Business Plan, and pitch it confidently.

Business Plan

This course explains how to turn ideas into reality with a solid plan. You will get the necessary knowledge and skills to understand your market and customers, define your unique value proposition, and manage finances effectively.

My Future Career

Through this course you will prepare for your career journey! Discover your strengths, set goals, find your purpose, and develop essential employability skills for job hunting. For teenager audience, we also talk about how to successfully transition from school to work.

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